The mission of the Rescue School Parent Teacher Council is to raise funds to provide classroom supplies, enrichment activities, and other student (and school) benefits which the district does not supply.


Measure G

Rescue PTC

Rescue PTC has voted to endorse Measure G! We whole heartily support this measure that is going to help our schools tremendously!

Rescue Elementary will benefit with the following:

Rescue Elementary School - Built 1958

  • Upgrade, expand or modernize Kitchen facilities
  • Make health, safety and security improvements, including repair/replace roofs
  • Improve student access to computers and modern technology
  • Modernize outdated classrooms, offices, restrooms and schools facilities
  • Upgrade inadequate electrical systems
  • Upgrade/renovate playgrounds, play structures and P.E. fields and facilities
  • Upgrade school site parking, roadways, utilities and grounds
  • Repair, replace and/or upgrade paved surfaces, turf, and other grounds to eliminate safety hazards
  • Upgrade or replace outdated temporary portable classrooms
  • Make energy-efficient improvements




Rescue Union School District – Measure G

Frequently Asked Questions Handout

Although it appears that our schools are in good shape based on achievements by our students, our school facilities need to be improved. Faced with aging classrooms and the need to bring school facilities up to current standards, the Rescue Union School District has placed a general obligation bond measure on the upcoming March 2020 ballot that would modernize and renovate our aging schools. The following information is provided to assist voters in understanding the facts behind the measure and how its passage will affect the District and our community.

What is Measure G?

The measure is a $75.0 million general obligation (G.O.) bond program. The measure is intended to address the needs of our students through construction, modernization and renovation projects at the District’s five elementary schools and two middle schools.

What is a G.O. bond?

G.O. bonds fund projects such as the renovation of classrooms and school facilities, as well as construction of new schools and classrooms. Similar to a home loan, G.O. bonds are typically repaid over 30 years. The loan repayment comes from a tax on all taxable property - residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial - located within the District’s boundaries.

Why did the District place Measure G on the ballot?

Many of our schools are outdated and major upgrades and renovations need to be made. Although neighborhood schools have been well maintained over the years, our facilities are old. The average age of schools in the District is over 34 years with Rescue Elementary, our oldest, first built over 60 years ago. These aging schools need major classroom, facility, and infrastructure improvements to preserve the quality of education provided to our local children.

How did the District come up with the project list for Measure G?

Over the last several months with input from staff, teachers, parents, community leaders, and the District architect, the District has prepared a School Facilities Needs Analysis. The analysis identifies the major repairs and upgrades that need to be made. Specific types of projects identified include: • Repairing or replacing leaky roofs, Constructing and modernizing 21st century classrooms, restrooms and facilities, • Renovating deteriorating plumbing systems and upgrading inadequate electrical systems, • Improving student access to computers and modern technology, and • Making health, safety, and security improvements

Why can’t the District meet its facilities needs with its current budget?

Today, the scope of improvements needed at the Rescue Union School District is far more than the current funding sources available. The per-pupil funding which the District receives from the state is intended to be used for the day-to-day business of educating children and not for major upgrades, renovations, and modernization projects.

What will the passage of Measure G mean for our students and the community?

Measure G will provide our students with a better learning environment by building new classroom and making repairs and upgrades to existing classrooms and school facilities; many of which are also used by and available to the community such as the libraries, playing fields, and classrooms.

What will happen if Measure G does not pass?

If Measure G does not pass, our classrooms and school facilities will continue to deteriorate. In addition, funds that would otherwise go to classroom instruction will be needed to make critical safety repairs and improvements at each school. Major repairs will need to be postponed and as a result will potentially be more expensive to make.

What will Measure G cost?

The tax rate per property owner is estimated to be $30 per $100,000 of assessed valuation per year. (Do not confuse assessed valuation with market value. Assessed valuations are the value placed on property by the County and are lower than market values). Check your property tax statement for your current assessed valuation.

How can I be sure that Measure G funds will be spent on improving our local schools?

By law, all bond funds have to be spent locally and cannot be taken by the state. In addition, a local independent citizens’ oversight committee will be established to ensure that bond funds are properly spent. Also by law, there must be annual audits of expenditures and no bond money can be used for teacher or administrative salaries